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  • We provide professional result-driven Internet marketing resources and data analysis services

    With our extensive advertising network and our expertise in the field, MK strives to help you, whether as an advertiser or publisher, enhance brand awareness, gain prospective customers and obtain maximum ROI.

  • Our focus

    MK focuses on solutions to campaign performance and end-user experience improvement with our experiential internet marketing tactics, in terms of Email Marketing, Online Advertising Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Search Keyword Listings, Data Analysis and more.

  • Regardless of past, present and future

    MK has always been building bridges between marketers and their customers to help achieve their double win situation. Our mission is to create measureable success in high value online advertising for all our clients.


  • More exposure means more sales (to a large extent)

    With our online advertising network, MK, offers more than 80 million ad exposure per month, and the exposure chance is growing day by day. Our figures speak for themselves. MK would be your excellent ad platform.

    MK is equipped with specialized staff working on banners, or ads making, to create creatives accommodating your business objectives. Besides, our content editors exactly know which category and position are suitable for your customized advertising.

  • In our ad network, We provide several highly efficient services like:

    • Ad Targeting: target users by multiple dimensions like: geography, timing, behavior, habit, and age.
    • Real-time Reporting: inform you of online campaign performance comprehensively and precisely.
    • Fraud Protection Mechanism: the technology effectively improves traffic quality.
    • Optional Solutions: MK accepts several advertising payment methods like: CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL.

Data Analysis Expertise

MK data analysis team is made up of senior analysts with nearly six years Internet advertising data analysis experience. We're glad to help diagnose any unexpected problem for your website advertising, analyze your ad performance and propose optimization amendment.

Fraud Protection Mechanism: the technology effectively improves traffic quality.

Optional Solutions: MK accepts several advertising payment methods like: CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Keyword Listings

MK is experienced in search engine optimization and search keyword listings. If you find it is hard to do search engine ranking or knotty to manage a bundle of paid search keywords in different search engines, we'd like to help you. Our experts have more than 6-year experience in the industry and have many success stories.

For search engine optimization, we provide service below:

  • Website SEO scheme evaluation, optimization consulting and suggestion
  • Keyword ranking monitoring
  • Link building and article branding
  • Comprehensive reporting

We're glad to work with our clients to increase search engine rankings and more natural traffic of their websites.

For Search keyword listings, we provide service as follows:

  • SEM campaign marketing strategy suggestion and consulting
  • Keywords and campaign management
  • Keyword bidding and campaign optimization
  • Banner design and creative generating
  • Detailed reporting

We're happy to partner our clients to receive more paid traffic and maximize the ROI with acceptable cost.

E-Mail Marketing

  • With our online advertising network, MK has accumulated over 500 thousand high quality solid subscribers. And the number is expanding consistently.

    MK owns specialized content copywriters to arrange content-rich, user-friendly newsletter to get your products known by target audiences at exact sales moment. With years of email marketing practice, we 're developed many email marketing strategies including newsletter layout, content design, spam-free deployment, campaign tracking, data analysis and in-depth reporting.

  • To better publicize your products and gain more customers, email marketing (if used properly) offers unprecedented benefits for your business. Its merits include:

    • Increased sales - regular or prospective customers probably take action with our persuasive emails
    • More repeat business - based on highly personalized, user preference, targeted message, your frequenters surely expand
    • More sales leads - users can share the message with others at the click of one button
    • Low budget - email marketing is far more faster and economical than offline marketing
    • User preference - track customers' behavior to send customized email on subjects of interest to them